Phantom Creek Estates Winery

Oliver, BC Canada

The Art of Architecture & Winemaking

Winemaking is an art, a craft, and a science. Its relationship to the land and the careful cultivation of the vine is also a metaphor for the attention to the program details that went into creating the Ombrae architectural facade. Together with stakeholders, the architect, and our design team, we created a work that complements and accentuates the relationship of the building to the land, wine production, and offers a platform to showcase the Phantom Creek brand identity. This project gave all involved a chance to collaborate on many levels, both artistically and technically, bringing it all together for the client, creating a lasting home and legacy for them to carry on the ancient craft of wine making.

Client: Phantom Creek Estates
Architect: Backen Gillam Architects
Size: 3,380 sqft (314 sqm)
Completion Date: 2019

Manufacturing Partner:
Keith Panel Systems



Integrated Branding

When ancient glaciers formed what is now the Okanagan Valley, they left behind massive deposits of sand, gravel sediment, and ephemeral ‘creeks’ that inspired the name Phantom Creek Estates. In similar fashion, the client was inspired by the naturally dynamic nature of Ombrae, and the "ephemeral" viewing qualities of the surface depending on surrounding environmental factors. It was important that this feature wall not read as overt signage, nor as a billboard. Ombrae met this project objective, with the lettering remaining legible from the road, but changing dynamically with time of day, weather, and direction of viewing. 



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