Ombrae Studios delivers full-service solutions during the entire specification process: from initial concept iterations to final  previsualizations

Design Process

Ombrae is a fully customizable 3D-surfacing technology. To support our clients in implementing an Ombrae solution for their needs, Ombrae Studios' in-house design team works collaboratively with project stakeholders in concert with our manufacturing network to deliver unique, one-of-a-kind products. 

 Our approach to any Ombrae project, from  architecture to product design, follows four well-defined stages. This methodical approach to the creative development process is flexible, allowing meaningful collaboration and ideation, yet stays rigid enough to deliver timely and satisfying end results.


At the outset of every project, we seek to discover the key factors about the project in relation to context, scale, application, site considerations, client's design intent, and unique opportunities. In turn, Ombrae Studios helps our clients truly discover Ombrae: educating project stakeholders on the opportunities and characteristics of the Ombrae Imaging Technology, and offering initial feedback based on our breadth of experience.

Key Activities
Client Product Education
Application Recommendations
Material Research (as required)
Manufacturing Considerations
Project Roadmap


Building upon the key factors and insights uncovered in the Discovery Phase, Ombrae Studios works closely with the project’s design team and our manufacturing partners to define a proposal based on the client’s values and aspirations. This initial proposal showcases a conceptual vision for the project with Ombrae integrated: realized through sketches, photo composites, proposed input artwork, and virtual 3D models.

Key Activities
Preliminary Site / Application Analysis
Concept Generation
Scope Definition
Draft Design Iterations
Resolution Testing
Colour / Material Finish Consultation


Having gained buy-in from the project stakeholder team to specify Ombrae on the project, our team progresses the design direction with increasingly refined iterations, taking into account all input layers that drive Ombrae’s end result: grayscale artwork, environmental factors, treatment area, view optimization, and colour material finish. 

Key Activities
Artwork Refinement + Sign-off
View Optimization Finalization
Performance Layers 
Coverage Area Finalization
Lighting Consulation
Panel / Part Drawing Finalization (Manufacturing Partner)


Upon final design sign-off from the client, Ombrae Studios moves forward to the encoding phase, which involves creating drawings for tooling and product manufacturing. We have spent years building a well-established global network of industry-leading manufacturing partners for both architectural and product design applications, who see the project through fabrication, finishing, shipping, and installation.

Key Activities
Final Manufacturing Drawings
Partner Completes Ombrae Product Delivery

Invitation to Collaborate

We would like to hear what you are working on, and share with you how Ombrae will help differentiate your project. Our team will guide you to an understanding and full appreciation of the unique and customizable qualities of Ombrae Sculptural Imaging™.


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