The Technology

Ombrae, as a material treatment technology, is virtually limitless in its scope of application. Only constrained by the imagination, Ombrae can open many creative doors for the artist, designer, architect, engineer, and technologist.


The Ombrae System technology is founded on a single physical unit - a 3D pixel or Optical Tile™.  From a computer, a designer imports a digital source (image or design) and with proprietary software creates, controls, and populates a modelled surface with Optical Tiles™. The designer then creates and outputs digital files based on the original digital input source. From this, computer code is created to allow for downstream CNC manufacturing of materials surfaces that now carry the digital source into the real environment as an analogue output.


Unlike a digital display of pixels assembled on a light emitting screen to create visual information, an Ombrae material treated with 3D Optical Tiles creates visual information that is light reflective. The Ombrae surface responds to variances of lighting conditions in the real environment and changing angles of view by an observer. This creates visually dynamic results for the viewer... like a real object observed in real time and in real space.


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