Coast Mountain College

Terrace, BC Canada

Formline Feature Walls

Ombrae was selected as feature wall cladding for two original works of art on a new three storey, 108-bed student housing complex at Coast Mountain College. Ombrae Studios worked closely with two First Nations artists selected to exhibit their work on the building, to ensure it presented in accordance with their creative visions and artistic practice, while also being feasible to manufacture and install on site. 

Client: Coast Mountain College
Size: 130 sqft (12 sqm)
Architect: HCMA
Completion Date: 2021

Manufacturing Partner:
Keith Panel Systems


Danika Saunders
Salmon Swimming Up River

Danika is a Northwest Coast Nuxalk and Gwa'sala-Nakwaxda'xw Artist, based in Bella Coola, BC. Ombrae Studios worked with Danika's initial formline artwork, and creative direction on how to treat background area, into the final input art for the Ombrae surface. Iterating refinements a number of times, we shared these developments through interative previsualization 3D models to ensure the end viewing quality on the wall was as intended. Check out more of Danika's artwork here

This exterior piece is prominently located at the main entrance to the student housing building, and visible from a range of distances and viewing directions. 


“The Sea Grizzly is part grizzly bear and part killer whale, and is a crest worn by some families of the Raven clan. In a few Haida stories, humans possess the skin of the Sea Grizzly to gain its supernatural powers. I wanted to reflect that mighty strength when creating the design.”

RAVEN LEBLANC - Haida Artist

“We are proud to bring contemporary First Nations art to the new housing facility and the library. The art was created by many of the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art alumni and highlights the program, the college and the maturity of the many artists involved. This will be one of the largest collections of contemporary First Nations Art in northern B.C.”

STAN BEVAN - Instructor of First Nations Fine Art
Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art

Raven LeBlanc
Siigaay Xuu.ajii (Sea Grizzly)

Raven LeBlan is an artist of Haida descent from the Naa S'aagaas XaaydaGaay Eagle clan, and is based in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii. Her formline artwork was collaboratively revised in considered ways, to ensure a desirable readability in the final Ombrae surface, within the available area and pixel resolution. A water texture adds a textural seascape backdrop. Check out more of Raven's artwork on her website and social media. 



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