Ombrae Vinea

This Ombrae architectural sculpture is installed on a 26 story tower is located around the north end of the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver, near the intersection of Capilano Road and Marine Drive. With an original design running from the base of the tower, up a narrow channel on the south elevation, and wrapping entirely around the building's crown, the artwork entititled "Ombrae Vinea Canopy" is an iconic gateway marker. Dedicated feature lighting ensure the work is visible at night, and will be dynamically programmed to follow the changing colours of the seasons: a beacon to the surrounding region. 

Client: Denna Homes
Architect: DA Architects + Planners
Size: 4,850 sqft (450 sqm)
Completion Date: In-progress (2023 expected)

Manufacturing Partner:
Keith Panel Systems



Perceptual Paradigm Shift

The artwork is based on original photographs taken by our own Roderick Quin, a Vancouver-based Postdigital arts and the founder / inventor of the Ombrae System™. The subject matter features the iconic maple leaf, the Canadian national emblem. The maple species is ubiquitous in Vancouver neighborhoods, and lives over the entire Southern Coast, including the islands of BC and across Canada. The maple vine artwork is intended to contrast and compliment the rectilinear geometry of the building, adding a natural organic element to the architecture.

"The tools of computer design and manufacturing technologies, developed over many years with Ombrae Studios, have allowed me the extraordinary opportunity to engage the urban environment and bring my artistic vision and sculpture into architecture at large scales. With the Sculptural Imaging™ tool kit, I’ve been able to develop, and expand the decorative aspects of this artistic technology. Going forward as a Postdigital artist and technologist, I’m excited now to be exploring the definitions of what art and architecture are, and can become. This includes ranges of influences not classically defined by the history of these disciplines. New definitions can play creatively into a perceptual paradigm shift of the roles of art and architecture by artistically and technically considering the issues confronting us environmentally, socially, and culturally. These are issues we face now, and must face into the future of architecture, urban design, and planning.” - RQ



Custom Feature Lighting

Running along the narrow channel, and on top at the crown, dedicated feature lighting will illuminate the Ombrae surface, creating dynamic visiblity even at night. Changing colours reflect the changing seasons.



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