Six Battery Road


Tessalated Triangulation

This project features a soffit Ombrae feature wall, for the Bank of China building at Six Battery Road in downtown Singapore. The application was a retrofit of the existing podium commercial space, with the Ombrae running the length of a prominent linkway for the street out to Singapore River waterfront. This prime pedestrian corridor holds a strong connection for the area’s social, cultural, and business identity.

The design challenge for Ombrae Studios, as commissioned by DP Architects, was providing the perception of dimensionality in an otherwise flat panel application. The artwork of the Ombrae panels was optimized to provide that visual quality, which echoes the podium’s new exterior facade, which also features a series of tessellating triangles wrapping the two main exterior frontages. Given the soffit orientation, lighting the Ombrae properly was critical for optimal viewing experience. We worked closely with DP Lighting through consultation. They arrived at a highly considered lighting plan, with indirect lighting hidden in the retail wall cove and ceiling. Additional consideration was given to ensuring the sprinkler system could penetrate the Ombrae panels, while aligning with the existing pixel grid, for a seamless final result.

Client: CapitaLand
Architect: DP Architects
Size: 3,600 sqft (334 sqm)
Completion Date: 2021

Manufacturing Partner:
Metal Concepts



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