Core Team

Roderick Thomas Quin

Founder/CEO - QMAASInc./ Ombrae Studios Inc.

Creative Director - Ombrae Studios Inc.

Rod is an artist, sculptor, designer, and businessman.

Born in Glasgow Scotland, Rod grew up on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. He was educated at Vancouver School of Art, Victoria College of Art, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and the University of British Columbia.

Rod is the inventor of Sculptural Imaging With Optical Tiles - Ombrae, an artistic technology bridging the fields of Art, Science, and Technology

“The beginnings of Sculptural Imaging With Optical Tile technology reaches far back into my artistic background to the early 1980's. The Ombrae System was born of my passion for art, architecture, photography, science, and technology." rq

The many years of Rod's studio and academic training, and his 18 years in the Vancouver film industry as an Art Director, Set Designer, Sculptor, and Special Effects Technician, prepared the ground that lead to the ultimate evolution of his work into the Ombrae System.

Ombrae Technology is now patented around the world, and is accepted in multiple industries as an artistic and technical breakthrough.

With applications in fields as far reaching as Architecture, Automotive, Fashion, Jewelry, and Consumer Electronics, Rod had guided the creative direction and navigated the Company and the business opportunity forward with an eye to future applications of Ombrae that are varied and yet to be discovered.

James Montgomery

Industrial Designer

James is a Scottish industrial designer who moved to beautiful British Columbia in 2009, joining the Ombrae's team in late 2011 as a key member of the technical design staff. With a scope of professional experience spanning both the fashion design and architectural realms, James bring a broad spectrum of technical knowledge to the table; Befitting of Ombrae's diverse range of industry applications.

Ben Jones

Software Engineer

With extensive experience in systems building, automated testing workflows, tool development and image processing, Ben brings a vital skill set to the backend of Ombrae Studios. Contracted to develop software from the ground up, the majority of his programming is in C++, OpenGL and Qt, and he works to continually improve workflow efficiencies.

Brian van Zanden

Technical Designer

Brian has 15 years experience in the visual effects and animation industries and has worked on blockbuster films such as Man of Steel, Godzilla and VFX Oscar winning Life of Pi. A highly skilled technical and creative artist, he specializes in designing pipelines and control systems for computer generated characters and has strong expertise in simulating complex hair, muscle and cloth systems. Brian has extensive procedural and object-oriented programming skills in mel and python languages.

As Ombrae’s Technical Designer, Brian develops Ombrae panel visualization tools and has built procedural networks to generate custom panels and solid models for industrial molds. He has also streamlined digital panel processing for large scale projects and designed artwork for automotive and architectural projects.

In his full-time role, Brian is the Rigging Department Supervisor at Rainmaker Entertainment.

Jared Korb


Jared is a interdisciplinary designer and facilitator, who’s passionate about improving the interactions people have with the built environments and products that surround them. Using design thinking and user-centred design methodologies, Jared works to guide clients through the process of creating more desirable futures. He has experience in design roles with businesses and organizations in technology, product, architecture, and social impact sectors. Born in the United States, and educated in Canada, he holds an undergrad degree in Industrial Design and has grown a great love for Vancouver.

Advisory Team

Enrico Lombardo

Entrepreneur and Management Consultant

Currently CEO of PlanBe, a company offering projects and product management consulting and engineering in the motorcycling and automotive sector.

He spent 10 years at Ferrari SpA, hired by the Technical Director of the F1 team, Ross Brawn, and by the General Director, Jean Todt, to create the Project Management Office of the Ferrari Gestione Sportiva (Formula 1 team ), consisting of more than 900 people. He redefined the development processes of Formula 1 through the introduction of new methodologies and tools, as well as ability to work in teams, he fostered communication between the internal and external departments,

Enrico was subsequently appointed Head of Logistics and Project Management of Ferrari Gestione Sportiva (Formula 1 team). Over these years he coordinated the activities of the Scuderia Ferrari (1999 - 2009), reaching the honors of 8 Constructors' Titles Titles and 6 Drivers titles of the Formula 1 World Championship, with drivers Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen. With Benelli S.p.A. in the position of Project Manager, he was responsible for the product development of a complete line of scooters, maintaining the objectives of cost, time, and quality,

At Cagiva Research Centre, He was Head of Planning and Coordination of the Project, under the direction of Massimo Tamburini. He defined and implemented processes of design, engineering and industrialization of motorcycles developed by the Centre, for the brands Cagiva, Ducati and MV Agusta.

Dr. Bill Peck

CTO Twist Bioscience

Bill Peck received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He moved to Silicon Valley in 1999 where he has spent his professional career bringing his fluid mechanics expertise and background in droplet physics to the biotechnology technology. Bill began his biotechnology career at Agilent Technologies where he developed an inkjet based process for synthesizing DNA microarrays.

After Agilent, Bill moved on to an early stage startup, Complete Genomics, where he was responsible for building the world’s largest genome sequencing center. Complete Genomics a publically traded company sequencing thousands of customer genomes. In 2012 Bill co-founded a new synthetic biology company named Twist Bioscience located in San Francisco, California.

In addition to his experience in chemical process automation and hardware development, Bill’s technical expertise is in nanofluidics. As a post-doc fellow at Stanford/NASA-Ames, Bill researched computational fluid mechanics and developed a numerical code to model free surface flows.