A designer can draw upon a multitude of programmable features of the System, allowing for a wide range of influences including environmental site specific considerations, which become colours on the Artist's palette.


Ombrae is uniquely programmable; capable of adapting, and even affecting environmental factors in its surroundings. These elements include heat displacement, airflow guidance, sound attenuation, and solar control. This level of sophistication will grow increasingly prevalent as energy efficiency controls becomes more essential.


Ombrae is a medium that allows the artist, designer, or other creatives to work in multiple disciplines and think in multiple dimensions. Ombrae is a Sculptural System that creates three-dimensional images and designs in planar surfaces. This unique ability allows the concepts and practices of art to be concretely realized in virtually any creative application. With Ombrae, the Artist has a wide range of options for creating their work on scales and in materials that have never been achievable before.

Our Approach

Ombrae Studios is an in-house design firm founded to guide clients through realizing their projects in Ombrae surface treatment. Based in both Vancouver Canada, and Modena Italy, our highly qualified support team specializes in all aspects of the Ombrae system. The Ombrae team is on hand to offer in-depth consultation throughout the development cycle. Our design services include initial research and developement addressing specific project needs, extending to pre-visualization and rendering final design.

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Custom applications for Ombrae exist within the blending of Architecture, Environmental Lighting, and Luxury Goods. We work closely our clients through every step to co-create one-of-a-kind solutions to that meet highly specific performance objectives. Go to Project page to see select portfolio works featuring what some of these exciting applications are, and how they have been realized by past clients.

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